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Ruokangas Mojo

In Juha's Own Words

First I dodged the idea of touching this style that has so often been modified but rarely improved upon. I'm glad I finally went for it, and I learned a lot on the way, too. In Leonardo da Vinci's words - simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

As I turned 40, I couldn't afford a race car. I ended up designing this guitar instead - the embodiment of my mid-life crisis! The Mojo King is great fun - it has tons of tonal options, and I love the hot rodded looks of it, too.

When Tommy Emmanuel bought a Mojo Grande from me, he said it was "the most acoustic electric guitar" he had ever played. That's a great definition for the Grande! It's as if there’s nothing standing between your fingers and making music.

Mojo Classic
Mojo King
Mojo Grande

Making The Mojo

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