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Leonardo Manni

Beautiful handcrafted archtops from Italy 
please just ask for price and build time 

The Navona



The base Model Navona is Euro 7000.00

This will comprise of a single wood tailpiece

and single wood scratchplate there will be no soundport cover for this model The pickup for this base model will be built in or floating  this

Kent Armstrong, De Armond / Lollar or a Charlie Christian style 

Sound Port Cover  Euro 400.00

Stainless  frets Euro 300

vintage Dearmond if avaialble Euro 300

Or of course the Danielle Cordisco model will be Around Euro 8000.00 

That spec listed below:-



Body:                         17’’, 3’’ deep


Top:                           Italian spruce, highest quality, tap tuning

Back and sides:         Flamed Maple, highest quality, tap tuning

Linings:                      reverse

Bracing:                     X–bracing, split seasoned spruce

F holes:                      Modern – side soundport with ebony cover

Binding:                     solid flamed maple with multiple fine b/w purflings

Neck:                         Flamed Maple, quarter sawn, laminated with ebony

Trussrod:                   double action

Fretboard:                  ebony with binding and purflings, 16’’ radius

Frets:                         stainless steel or nickel

Nut:                           bone

Diapason:                  25″  

Bridge:                      ebony, original design

Tailpiece:                  Solid Makassar Ebony,original design with flamed maple wedges

Inlays:                       Custom Acanthus leaf, sign Manni, inlay signature Cordisco, fingerprint LML

Pickup:                      Floating, on request kent Armstrong/ CC / Dearmond Replica

Tuners:                      Schaller gold M6 mini with ebony knobs

Fingerrest:                 Solid Makassar Ebony, original design with flamed maple wedge

Finish:                       Gloss, honey blonde with natural bindings

Case:                          Reunion Blues


A base model of Navona is also available on request

The Trevi





Body:                         16’’, 2-1/2’’ deep


Top:                            Italian Spruce, highest quality,tap tuning

Back:                          flamed maple, tap tuning

Sides:                         flamed maple

Bracing:                     Parallel, split seasoned spruce

F holes:                      Trevi, original design

Binding:                     solid maple with b/w purflings

Neck:                          flamed maple

Trussrod:                    double action

Fretboard:                   ebony, radius 12’’ /  16’’

Nut:                             bone

Diapason:                   25″  

Frets:                          nickel, 21

Bridge:                       ebony, original design

Tailpiece:                   ebony, original design or standard

Inlays:                        LML fingerprint abalone or mop, more on request

Pickup:                       PAF Humbucker/Lollar C.Christian, built in

Tuners:                       Schaller Grandtune / M6

Fingerrest:                  ebony, design Trevi

Finish:                        Gloss/satin, Honey Blonde

Case:                           Reunion Blues

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