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Alnicofive was born out of me coming back into music 5 years ago after a long time out running a business and raising a family.
I think frustration is the keyword here, lots of clone guitars with mediocre feel and sound, questionable build quality and the ethics and responsibility behind that process.


So I looked around a lot, done a lot of digging a huge amount of emailing and late night calls and over the past four years I have made some friends and business contacts out of luthiers and amp builders and hardware specialists which are all pretty much listed on my site.


I have product tested most of what I have on the site apart from the very high-end, but that being said I have plenty of testimony from unaffiliated players that own these guitars of which I'm happy to pass on.


I've played in many bands and have been lucky in my youth to have played with and supported many of the bands and guitarists that help form modern guitar playing today and this exposed me to what counts as a pro player QUALITY.


There a number of pro players that I serve and its a two-way street in as much I'm let into their world in return I supply them the tools they require and its a very different world to most of us as hobby guitar players recognise.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any information, help or in my capacity guidance



Important Please Read all of the prices on this site are what the luthier would charge if you went to him directly, My main purpose is to focus on what I think are some of the best luthiers and builders out there today and put them in one place.


You as the customer if you so choose to order a guitar through me will be directly invoiced by the luthier for a deposit and final payment when due.

My job is to work with you the customer and the luthier to convey what you want in way the builder would like. You as the customer not getting frustrated as you can't get through to the builder in a timely fashion and the builder not being able to build due to many calls and emails he cant possibly answer as swiftly as the customer would like.



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